Writing songs is inspiring work. Not only is it an outlet for my inner frustrations, feelings and views, but it also works as a driver, an accelerator for creativity, innovation and energy. It´s much like working out. It might be difficult to get started, but as soon as I’m there, in the flow, the zone, I want more and I get more energized from it. And even though this is a well known fact, somehow it always seems, that every flow has an end and when that hits, there is a short or a longer period of time spend in the dark, knowing every day what needs to be done and how good it would be to get it done, but not until the moment, the indescribable moment arrives, where I just can´t help it no more, will a new flow see the light of day and momentum will drive me forward.

Then, not writing is not an option.

There is a big industry concerned with the subject of trying to teach people how to write, how to get inspired and when to be so. There are great many people who in good faith write books, give lectures and have workshops on the subject. It seems that everyone needs to take the same road, to the same place at the same time. A bit like traveling the world with the Lonely Planet guide book. You will meet the same people and be looking at the same things while wondering what it is going on across the road, but with no time to look.

If you want to write, write. If you want to sing, sing, if you want to play, play.

Get better every day, don’t get lost. It ain´t difficult if you just do it.